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Home Issues Finally the cinema, notably Charlie Chaplin with City Lights , exploits the visual drama of the blind girl whose inner vision is manipulated from the outside, yet retains the means to undo the visible deception, and grasp the essence of truth. The paradox offered by protagonists who are at once entombed in blindness and yet open books for those who see them, is present in the authors, and made more poignant and effective.

Blindness and Insight: Essays in the Rhetoric of Contemporary Criticism

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De Man was born into a wealthy Belgian family. From an early age he was recognized for his intellect and charm as well as for his good looks. He was influenced by his uncle, Henri de Man, an internationally known and charismatic political leader who began his career as a socialist but turned to fascism as Adolf Hitler rose to power in Germany. In , at age 17, Paul de Man entered the Free University of Brussels ULB but was soon derailed by the lingering effects of family tragedies, including the accidental death of his brother and the suicide of his mother, whose body he had found. He failed many of his courses and never earned a degree. Following the German invasion of Belgium in May , his uncle became de facto prime minister of the country and urged Belgians to cooperate with the German authorities.

Paul de Man

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Blindness and Insight

Access options available:. It is here where we encounter what McKeon refers to as the translative structure of O'Connor's universe that we come near the heart of what she means by the "reflexive interdependency" of the novel and the theory ofthe novel. Like the interplay of the two worlds of grace and nature in, for example , "Parker's Back," the interplay between fiction and analysis of fiction is possible because each agent in each case is manifest in a universe of discourse. Each universe of discourse is, of course, governed by the interests and activities of rhetoric. Butjust as O'Connor's fiction is not a theological tract, neither is McKeon's a rhetorical tract.

Coming soon. The 24 review essays collected here. Literature , Theory and Philosophy. In Blindness and Insight de Man examines several critics and finds in their writings a gap between their statements about the nature of literature and the results of their practical criticism.

At the time of his death, de Man was one of the most prominent literary critics in the United States—known particularly for his importation of German and French philosophical approaches into Anglo-American literary studies and critical theory. At the time of his death from cancer, he was Sterling Professor of the Humanities and chairman of the Department of Comparative Literature at Yale. These, in combination with revelations about his domestic life and financial history, caused a scandal and provoked a reconsideration of his life and work.

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Paul de Man

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Paul de Man: Blindness and Insight – Essays in the Rbetoric of Contemporary If the inline PDF is not rendering correctly, you can download the PDF file here.

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Blindness and Insight: Essays in the Rhetoric of Contemporary Criticism

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Blindness and Insight book. Essays in the Rhetoric of Contemporary Criticism. By​Paul de Man. Edition 2nd Edition. First Published