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collection and transport of clinical specimens pdf

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Testing provided through the Unexplained Critical Illness and Deaths Project for unexplained deaths that appear likely to have infectious etiologies will be primarily pathology-directed. Therefore, it is important when possible to provide optimal pathology specimens. These clinical specimens may be useful in determining an etiology for cases of unexplained illness or death that are likely to have infectious causes.

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Public Health Menu. Demonstration of pathogenic organisms in the patient specimen is the most definitive test in microbiology. However, failure to demonstrate pathogens in a single specimen is NOT definitive and may only indicate that:. Specimens for culture MUST be collected properly prior to the initiation of antibiotic therapy to insure optimal conditions for the recovery of pathogens. The laboratory will identify isolates and perform antibiotic susceptibility testing where appropriate.

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Proper specimen collection and handling is an integral part of obtaining a valid and timely laboratory test result. Specimens must be obtained in the proper tubes or containers, correctly labeled, and then promptly transported to the laboratory. Physicians and others responsible for obtaining specimens and transporting them to the laboratory have a vital role in ensuring that laboratory test results are valid. The following are essential safeguards for your patients. Use at least two patient identifiers when administering medications, blood, or blood components. Label containers used for blood and other specimens in the presence of the patient. Identify the patient prior to collecting a sample.

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This article, the first in a four-part series , describes the general principles of specimen collection and how to collect a midstream specimen of urine. Nursing Times [online]; 7, Obtaining a specimen involves the collection of tissue or fluids for laboratory analysis or near-patient testing, and may be the first step in determining a diagnosis and treatment Dougherty and Lister, The procedure used to collect a specimen must minimise the risk of introducing error and protect the health and safety of both the patient and the staff who handle the sample. This article, the first in a four-part series, explores the general principles of specimen collection and describes how to collect a midstream specimen of urine MSU.

Specimen collection and processing procedures

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It has as its aim to respond to the challenges currently posed by everything associated with infectious diseases, from a clinical, microbiological and public health perspective. The Journal follows a rigorous selection process of the manuscripts published through the review by the best experts in each area of knowledge of the specialty. The quality of the material published is the main aim of the Editors, as well as to provide readers with the latest and most relevant information in the world of infectious diseases. The Impact Factor measures the average number of citations received in a particular year by papers published in the journal during the two receding years.

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Blood specimens should be immediately inoculated into a blood culture bottle and transported to a microbiology laboratory as soon as possible for overnight.

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