100 House Plans In Pdf And Cad

100 house plans in pdf and cad

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Farmhouse plans have been a long time favorite for rural locations.

100 House Plans in PDF and CAD for Android

I no longer make new designs on request basis, but I have over designs for sale. Read notes. If you need new custom designs to be made according your requirements, my partner architects can help you. Do you dream a 4 bedroom house but you own just 70 sqm land? No problem at Teoalida Design! The client wanted a minimalist modern style without decorations, the 3D design is ugly in my opinion, but he was happy. Made in December My client had a narrow lot 8. Bedrooms facing front and sides but not to rear to avoid afternoon sun.

There is a fashion in Nigeria to build houses made from a mix of cubes in vibrant colors, upper floor in overhang to create a more interesting shape. Contacted me in March , final project designed in June My client from Uganda wanted an extravagant house different than what is common in his country houses with pitched roof. A modern house with large balconies and roof terrace, he insisted the house to be rectangular I initially disagreed with this, modern houses should have complex shapes.

Lot size 20x30m, main road on west side and minor road on south side, the house had to be beautiful on west side but in the same time the afternoon sun had to be avoided to go into interior, so I designed the small bedrooms to be facing north and south and added balcony on west side to cover the sun, master bedroom is again facing south but also have windows on east side to get morning sun.

The actual project will have metal balcony rail instead of glass. CAD design in April In temperate countries from Northern Europe, people try to get as much sun heat is possible, thus south-facing lots are sold at a premium price. However my customer lot was facing north, but this did not turned into a problem in making a beautiful floor plan in AutoCAD. Luxury house design in 6-meter frontage, 4-storey terraced house, which works also as semi-detached house. Do you want more luxury features?

Designed in February for artistic purpose no customer. Inspired from Singapore! Shwan from Iraq was one of my first paying customers.

Credits to customer for the idea of Arab-style floor plan, very different compared with the styles that I was familiarized with he provided me a scanned paper with a shitty sketch and I converted it into a beautiful by-law drawing. Designed in June Photo of his home from May He slightly deviated from my project, to make the facade more massive. Luxury multi family housing complex inspired from Singapore. This, together with Semi-Detached Mixed, were the first houses I designed in for artistic purpose.

One year later I decided to continue the project, by arranging the houses in a Condo-style development with 80 houses and shared pool. Complex size: x metres, density They can be found both detached and semi-detached double barrel shotgun house.

In August a customer in Nigeria wanted to build 2 units of semi-detached in a 60 x feet land… I designed a sketch inspired from American shotgun homes, improved with hallways.

Customer said that will come back in a week and pay for complete project… but this never happened. Got a personal interest for this type of house, so I improved the sketch with a 4th bedroom added in front, making it 5 meters wide and 26 meters long. Example of split-level home with 3 bedroom, 2 bath, garage, and minimum of hallways, being 7 meters wide is probably a good home plan for narrow lots with 10 meters frontage.

I made this house model in AutoCAD for a friend from Romania in , it was inspired by a real house that I visited several years ago, for my customer I improved it by adding en-suite bath and balcony. Philippines dense cities are dominated by tiny houses in back-to-back typology, which suffer from poor ventilation and lacks a washing area. The townhouses designed by me still back-to-back feature washing area lanai at rear, so cross-ventilation is possible.

In December I made a sketch for a filipino customer intending to build 4 rowhouses on 24 x 14 meters plot. For publishing on website I redesigned his sketch into smaller houses to show you how is possible to build 3-bedroom townhouse with carport in only 60 sqm land 5 x 12 m. NOT suitable as single family home on 5-meter wide plots, a column will be needed in other side of carport too, reducing carport width to cm, cars are growing and even compact cars like Toyota Corolla are now cm wide, so you could not open doors.

Houses built in pairs will have cm wide carport, leaving cm between cars and 30 cm between each car and wall. Then he realized that his land size is 4. I turned the original sketch into a 3D artistic project, beside that I designed 3 additional floor plans in various sizes… and compiled all 5 plans in a single image!

Medium-luxury 3-storey terrace housing development inspired from Singapore and Malaysia, designed for artistic purpose in November Arranged in clusters of 32 houses, they form a perfect rectangle by 60 metres between street axis. Original design had the floor plan partially flipped to reduce costs, garage under bedrooms and bathroom near kitchens, so a single vertical pipe served all 5, and it did not included furniture planning.

During my childhood I liked making symmetrical houses with central balconies and place as many rooms is possible facing street. The dream never came true… high land prices forced us to continue living in our two apartments. At same time I designed European Apartments. Having 40 meters between alleys and meters between parking lanes, results a typical density of At least the first two are common especially in United Kingdom and Ireland but also in Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, etc.

Further research revealed that most of terraced houses in Europe have living room at rear, kitchen at front and entrance in a hallway beside kitchen. Maybe some day I will redesign them again. Floor plans designed in early , posted in May Such house layouts with central living room and no hallways are popular all around South Asia India, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, etc. Additional one-floor plans, some inspired from houses built around Malaysia, some not inspired from them, they are suitable for any low-income country with large plots of land.

I redesigned them in metric system in May and republished 4 terraced house styles. Terraced houses with 4 bedrooms plus family room are most common house typology in Malaysia, houses with airwells are also common, typical frontages mm almost 20 feet and mm 22 feet. The biggest house in my portfolio was Terrace Modern, which was weird since terrace houses are usually for lower-class people, so I designed a new house in Semi-Detached form in mid which was almost sqm, 5 en-suite bedrooms and private lift.

I made a poll so people can vote for their favorite 3D design and in I decided to make them in 2 versions, a highly-decorated neoclassic design and an ultramodern design, each one would require about 1 week of full-time work. But meantime I got too busy with projects for customers thus abandoned non-paid projects.

I also attempted to design bungalows bigger than semi-detached houses. I re-made one in and published here. A nearly sqm luxury house, but still a compact design that requite a land plot of minimum 18 x 30 meters 60 x feet.

House feature a pool, private lift, and roof terrace. In this country, the term Bungalow define a single-storey house, NOT a detached house with any number of floors, like in the rest of Asia. Many lots in Philippines are 8 meter wide, and setbacks are 1. So if you want a single detached house, you can build 5 meters wide house, like these samples for 80 and sqm plots.

However for lots smaller than sqm people choose to build attached houses with firewall. I designed 5 slightly similar sketches for various people and now I am publishing here the best two of them… plus an ultra compact home 73 sqm done for fun no specific customer in March These small house plans and 3D models are inspired from Latin America , more exactly from the Mexico social housing casas de interes social , which are probably the densest legally-built no slums houses in the world, reaching up to houses per hectare.

Most of their houses are built with max 2 bedrooms, living inside may be not happy given by the fact that many owners expanded them in front and upwards, sometimes reaching 4 floors. I designed in 4 styles of High-Density housing, however my designs are bigger than original Mexico ones, in which the bedrooms are just 3 by 3 meters. Terraced houses , 3 meters narrow frontage and 12 meters depth, 72 sqm floor area, very similar with Mexico ones which are 60 sqm.

The U-shaped stair allows easy upwards extension. Quarter-Detached houses , 5 meters width and 10 meters depth, Back-to-Back Terraced houses with courtyards, 6 meters frontage and 10 meters depth, 96 sqm floor area, this layout is an own version never seen in Mexico, it have better land coverage, also bathroom as well as stairwell have window!

So it is the best version in my opinion. Cluster Terraced housing , an upscale version, 4 meters width and 10 meters depth, 80 sqm, and 6 meters width sqm on endings. Somewhat similar with Mexico ones which are usually 65 sqm and have parking either in front of house or at end of street. This one hardly allows upwards extension. Detached housing , further research revealed that the attached houses that are common in Asia are disappreciated in Mexico.

Such houses have usually 1 bedroom in front and 2 on back. I made my own version, L-shaped house, sqm 3 bedrooms of which 2 enjoy privacy by facing to front! Semi-detached possible!

I do not enjoy United States architecture very much or the american lifestyle, but I still wanted to complete my collection of architectural designs with an american-inspired home. The housing density is low as max 15 homes per hectare, but because many homes are single-story, 12 m wide or even wider, numerous rooms are facing side walls, invading privacy of neighbors as the homes are only 3 meters apart.

I improved the typical american McMansion by making a home plan only 8 meters frontage and still… I succeeded to put 4 bedrooms facing either front of back of home, no more privacy problems, also all baths have windows! This is the finished and colored version of the sketches proposed to a customer from Iraq in April Houses covering whole plot and having just small airwells to ventilate inner rooms are common in urban areas of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Middle East and parts of North Africa.

Bungalows detached houses surrounded by open space on all sides minimum 1. Some indians are really idiots and never learn to NOT disturb architects unless you are interested in paying our services. I made a 3BHK house, notice how I made windows for every bathroom, lower floor toilet being ventilated through garage? In another client had 13 feet wide land, this time from Pakistan, I turned the apparently impossible project into a spacious 3BHK house spreading on 3 floors.

By removing carport and moving drawing room on ground floor, it can be a 4BHK house. One story houses. Common in India are the houses for multi-generation families , terraced-styled houses having each floor belonging to another branch of family duplex, triplex , or even worse, each family branch having just one room.

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Your wishlist has been temporarily saved. Please Log in to save it permanently. The Bergantino house plan is a narrow courtyard plan that creates a private sanctuary to enjoy the outdoors. An open arrangement of living space creates an airy atmosphere. This mid-sized European Bergantino plan lives large with a wealth of well-appointed indoor and outdoor living spaces. A triple arch entry, cupola and carved eave brackets set the atmosphere that is continued inside the home with multiple columns and rich, beamed ceilings.

The most affordable house plans on the Internet. This App is a house plan catalog for us97redmondbend.org it contains the spec pages for house and cabin.

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This beautiful house plan gives you easy access from the kitchen to the dining room and into the living room. It also offers a nice covered porch to sit outside and enjoy the outdoors on. The master bedroom is located on the second floor secluded from the rest of the home. One nice feature of the master bedroom is that it includes a nice master bath. All sales of house plans, modifications, and other products found on this site are final.

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Taking ownership of your ideal home starts with a great floor plan — and here at Urban Homes we have a range of free floor plans for you to choose from. Build with confidence starting from the floor up with one of our free floor plans. A site appraisal is the evaluation of a site or section from a building perspective. Urban Homes offers free, no-obligation site appraisals and initial design discussions to help you make smart building decisions.

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Twitter Facebook Pinterest. Purchasing a pre-designed plan can be practical and economical. We create our plans utmost commitment to quality, accuracy, and usefulness. Below is a description of the products and plans packages we offer, as well as details of our ordering and privacy policies. Once you've decided on a plan, order the plan package that best suits your needs. Policies are listed below, as well as a description of what's in each Plan Set.

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2-Bedroom, 1000 Sq Ft Bungalow Plan with Covered Front Porch

I no longer make new designs on request basis, but I have over designs for sale. Read notes. If you need new custom designs to be made according your requirements, my partner architects can help you. Do you dream a 4 bedroom house but you own just 70 sqm land?

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House models designed by me

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The Bergantino House Plan

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100 House Plans

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