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It explores basic materials and instruments; fundamental properties of strokes and pen control; key elements of shading; and indispensable techniques for creating vibrant textures. As a bonus, a chapter is devoted to what the author refers to as, the secret Line of Balance.

alphonso dunn

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Jump to Page. Search inside document. As you toil through the pages of this workbook, take the liberty to refer back to the complementary text to refresh, review, or clarify concepts as often as you need to.

They were written to work best hand in hand. There is an impressive array of drills and exercises that will keep you engaged and inspired from cover to cover. Many of these exercises will have sample drawings, which will demonstrate the concepts, skills, or techniques you will practice. These are meant to inspire you and can be used as models to copy and study.

This workbook provides ample space to draw and occasionally includes a copy of a demo drawing that you can trace, Tracing a demo drawing provides a unique learning experience, which allows you to simulate the process used to create the drawing, and helps you to prepare for drawing independently.

In addition, some exercises provide a faint outline of the demo drawing. This is like having a pencil under-drawing done for you, which saves you time, provides convenience, and allows you to focus fully on your ink work. Nonetheless, you may still feel the need to pencil in a few cross-contour lines, sketch in some details, or make other notations as guides or reminders. It was inspired by you, started for you, and will be completed by you.

Do not rush. Take breaks if needed and make time to fect. Remember thar drawing is as much a mental activity as isa mechanical one. Some may need an overlay of hatch marks to deepen their value while others may only need a few added layers of the same partern. Adding layers may help to deepen value, while increasing spacing may help to lighten it. You can easily chink of many subjects with cylindrical forms like branches, animal limbs, tals, and other structures. Similar to shading curved surfaces, the key is 10 create a smooth transition between the light and shadow areas.

Study the position and orientation of each form in relation to the light source to determine the value pattern. Some things just cannot be rushed. Learning to draw with ink is one of them. Some drills, may feel boring, but just do them. Your work will pay off eventually.

Don't give up after your Ist, 2nd, 3rd, 4th Celebrate the small steps of your journey and keep going. Pen and ink can be unforgiving. Having the right attitude is half the job. Don't be too hard on yourself or be quick to compare yourself to others. Compete with you. Know what you're capable of and let no one tell you otherwise. Medium-point drawing pen about 0. White ink pen.

HB pencil not too hard and not too soft. Eraser plastic or kneaded. For each exercise, there is a visual breakdown showing. Generally, the drawing starts with a light, broken outline. Next, a single layer of value is added. This sets the tone for the value pattern and distinguishes the main light and shadow areas. Then, more layers are added to deepen the values, if necessary. Blending is used to create a smooth transition between light and shadow areas. Finally, the drawing is refined.

Over the course of these exercises, a wide range of concepts, skills, and techniques are utilized. Reflect on each one and think of ways to apply what you learn beyond this workbook.

Remember that by layering and reducing the spacing of strokes you can easily deepen the value. Do the opposite ro convey arcas of light.

Make your scribbles a bie tighter and deeper when clarifying outlines and shapes, like when conveying the lower id and iris. For conveying general value areas and mass, it is fine to let loose. Their Rowing nature helps to eapture the delicacy of the calla lilys petals.

Squint your eyes to visualize the forms like wrinkles and folds of clothing. This makes it easier to understand the value pattern for placing your strokes. The bristles are drawn with uneven harching and some layering is done to deepen the values. The deep-valued stripes follow the form of the bow and warp in and out of the folds and wrinkles. Note the difference in treatment of light and shadow berween the stripes and the light area.

The form of this hat isa bit more convoluted than the bow and requires that you pay more attention to the cross- contours. The cross-haiching applied here must accentuate the cylindrical forms of the folds and wrinkles. Note how the contours of the head and handle are defined by their textures. Notice the cylindrical form of the stalk and how the texture defines its contour while conveying the effects of light and shadow.

In this example, hatching is used to convey the light and shadow effects first before adding a layer of curved hatching to create the textural effect. You can sense that the lettuce has a light local value based on the overall reatment. You have to rely largely on close observation. In general, capturing the textures of shiny metallic surfaces require the use of small, sharp, and abstract value-shapes.

They sometimes appear to reveal semi- recognizable subject matter in their reflection. First, try to separate the wood texture from the effects of light and shadow. Then, combine both as a unified whole so that each accentuates the other. In order to convey its light local value, care must be taken to not over-render its fut.

This is done by generously spacing the strokes on the body. Don't make the mistake of trying to draw each individual leaf. Simplify the overall form ofits body and apply a pattern that you believe best captures the texture of the leaves.

The strokes used here are mostly light and chin and follow the cross-contour of the petals. Your success in pen and ink drawing will most likely be based on your proficiency in handling the basic strokes: it all starts there. These wi ae ae of your practice. Line quality is heavily influence: feraeell voi handle H etrawing etic Ane virtually all visual effects originate in some way from the use of the five stroke variations, So, most of the drills and exercises in this section are designed to focus, your efforts specifically on these key elements.

Drawing rocks is good practice for learning how ro render organic forms. Their rugged surfaces combined with their blocilike forms create dynamic value patterns.

Although there appears to he several sub-planes, the dominant underlying block form still enables you to essentially apply a 3-value approach. Because of its translucent nature, much of the strokes used are short and broken. To help with creating the sense of transparency, think of the front details as layered over the interior and rear details.

Make the lines of the front details more bold and pronounced, and make the strokes of background details light and thin. In this drawing. In this drawing, the same types of strokes are used to render the light and dark feathers; however, in the deep-valued arcas the strokes are more layered, tightly-packed, and heavier in weight.

[[F.r.e.e D.o.w.n.l.o.a.d R.e.a.d]] Pen and Ink Drawing A Simple Guide (Ebook pdf)

Alphonso's work can be found in several private collections in the US and worldwide. Currently, he. He is a graduate of the New York Academy of Art and a recipient of numerous awards. Currently, he is working on several new book projects, creating new work, and sharing art instruction with his over , followers on YouTube. With hundreds of free tutorials on drawing, pen and ink, watercolor, urban sketching and more, Alphonso Dunn's YouTube channel has become a trusted destination for quality art instruction.

Pen and Ink Drawing: A Simple Guide

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Pen And Ink Drawing Alphonso Dunn pdf Free Download

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Alphonso's work can be found in several private collections in the US and worldwide. Currently, he. Magazine: [[F. He is a graduate of the New York Academy of Art and a recipient of numerous awards. Currently, he is working on several new book projects, creating new work, and sharing art instruction with his over , followers on YouTube.

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Pen And Ink Drawing Alphonso Dunn pdf Free Download

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Pen and Ink Drawing: A Simple Guide Full. PDF. Description. Alphonso Dunn is a watercolor, urban sketching and more, Alphonso Dunn's YouTube channel.

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Pen and Ink Drawing: A Simple Guide. Alphonso Dunn. PDF|Download [Pdf]|​Read PDF|FREE~DOWNLOAD|[DOWNLOAD]|Download [PDF]. Author: Alphonso.

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