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These solutions for Work, Life And Leisure are extremely popular among Class 10 students for Social science Work, Life And Leisure Solutions come handy for quickly completing your homework and preparing for exams. Give two reasons why the population of London expanded from the middle of the eighteenth century. The city of London was a magnet for the migrant populations due to the job opportunities provided by its dockyards and industries.

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Work, Life and Leisure Class 10 Solutions gives us a brief understanding of Urbanization and its impact on our society. Class 10 History Ch 6 focuses on the process of Urbanization which was traced in cities like London and Bombay during nineteenth centuries. Due to which class discrimination was developed and more poverty led female workers to work as domestic help in elite class houses. This chapter shows a brief study of Migration from the countryside to developed cities and thus migrant workers had to live in crowded areas in developed cities like London, with minimal facilities and less hygienic surroundings. You have many chapters to learn and prepare for examinations so Class 10 History Ch 6 NCERT Solutions makes it easier for you to understand the chapter and clear your doubts while answering to the exercises at the end of each chapter. Apart from Textbooks and class tests, you need to follow solution papers for better revision and memorization.

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Characteristics of the City Towns and cities first appeared in river valleys in Ur, Nippur and Mohenjodaro. Cities are the centres of political power, administrative network, trade and industry, religious institutions and intellectual activity, and support various social groups such as artisans, merchants and priests. Ancient cities could develop only when there was surplus agricultural produce, to feed people engaged in non-food activities. The modern city worldwide has developed over the last years. Three historical processes have shaped modern cities in decisive ways.

Chapter 6 Work, Life and Leisure Characteristics of the City Cities are the centres of political power, administrative network, trade and industry, religious institutions and intellectual activity, and support various social groups such as artisans, merchants and priests. Take a test on this Chapter Now, you have read the notes on this chapter, take a test to check your understanding of this chapter. Warm Up - Take a Warm Up test with just 10 questions to. Urbanisation refers to the development of a city or town. Back to Lesson Cities in the Contemporary World In the late nineteenth century there were all problems everywhere. Quick revision notes covering each and every topic of the chapter.

Similarities between Baron Haussmann in Paris and Lew Kuan Yew in Singapore Paris: Forcible reconstruction, the poor evicted, took 17 years to build with straight roads and avenues, one-fifth streets completed by Policemen employed for night patrols, shelters, taps and large numbers employed in building activities. About 3,, people displaced from the centre of Paris. Met with criticism, but Paris became the toast of Europe, centre for new architectural, social and intellectual activities. Singapore: A rich, well planned city, a model for city planning worldwide. Before overcrowding, lacking in sanitation, poor housing and poverty like other Asian cities.

History-Work Life and Leisure class 10 Notes Social Science chapter 6 in PDF format for free download. Latest notes for CBSE board exams.

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Formulae Handbook for Class 10 Maths and Science. Role of industrialization in shaping of the modem cities in England: The early industrial cities of Britain such as Leeds and Manchester attracted large numbers of migrants to the textile mills set up in the eighteenth century. Impact of industrialization and urbanization on the family life in Britain: The family life transformed in terms of function and shape. The family as an institution had broken down as the ties between members of households loosened, and among the working class the institution of marriage tended to break down.

During past few years, a number of surveys on students were made to better understand their problems regarding their studies and their basic requirement. It identified alcoholism as the cause of the ruin of families and society, and aimed at reducing the consumption of alcoholic drinks, particularly amongst the working classes. Bengal and Madras Presidencies in British India.

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CBSE Class 10 Social Science Work Life And Leisure Notes

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Key Concepts Chapter 6 - Work, Life and Leisure, Class 10, SST (History) | EduRev Notes

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