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alternator parts and function pdf

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You may think your battery is powering all things electrical in your car, be it your windshield wipers, headlights or radio. The alternator is a generator whose purpose is to distribute electricity to the car and recharge the battery.

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What Is an Alternator and How Does it Work?

The alternator is relied upon to supply power to the vehicle electrical network regardless of operating conditions. This power supply is needed not only by the engine but also by numerous safety This power supply is needed not only by the engine but also by numerous safety and convenience systems. The alternator must also supply enough current to reliably charge the battery. The alternator is driven by the engine via a V-belt drive or a V-ribbed belt drive and operates according to the principle of electro-magnetic induction. Accordingly: When an electrical conductor moves through a magnetic field, an electrical voltage is induced in the conductor. It does not matter whether the magnetic field or the conductor is moving.

For the most part, alternators are relatively small and lightweight. Roughly the size of a coconut, the alternators found in most passenger cars and light trucks are constructed using an aluminum outer housing, as the lightweight metal does not magnetize. This is important since aluminum dissipates the tremendous heat generated by producing the electrical power and since the rotor assembly produces a magnetic field. If you closely inspect an alternator, you'll find it has vents on both the front and back side. Again, this aids in heat dissipation. A drive pulley is attached to the rotor shaft on the front of the alternator.

Don't just sell the alternator – look for further opportunities to maximise the sale: exactly into the truck, the mechanical function is perfect with a minimum of belt​.

How Alternators Work

Stator and Rotor — The stator and rotor work together to turn mechanical energy into electricity. The stator includes bundles of tightly wound copper wire called windings. As the magnets spin inside the copper windings an alternating current is generated.

An engine's alternator maintains the voltage to the car's battery, which powers the lights, heater and other accessories. It is analogous to a generator as it produces electricity through a turbine-like system.

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