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Journal Metrics. Empathy, a complex and multidimensional concept, has been defined in many ways within the context of nursing.

Background : Recent developments both in terms of science, population density, modern lifestyle, increased activity, congestion in terms of transportation and so on have a real impact on life in society. One impact that is not recognized is less concerned about the risks of these developments.

This is a preview of subscription content, access via your institution. Rent this article via DeepDyve. Bertilsdotter-Rosqvist, H. Doing things together: Exploring meanings of different forms of sociality among autistic people in an autistic work space. European Journal of Disability Research, 13 3 , —

The Journal of Individual Psychology

Forty-five committed couples provided questionnaire data and participated in two ten-minute social support interactions designed to assess behaviors when partners are offering and soliciting social support. A video-review task was used to assess situational forms of perspective taking e. Data were analyzed by means of the multi-level Actor-Partner Interdependence Model. Results revealed that providers scoring higher on affective empathy i. In addition, for male partners, scoring higher on cognitive empathy i. For both partners, higher scores on cognitive empathy i. Male providers scoring higher on affective empathy i.

Hence, this study examined the relationships between emotional intelligence, empathy, and job-related compassion and burnout in 92 direct-care registered nurses in the United States. The results have implications for clinicians as they provide foundational information to help determine appropriate strategies, supports, and solutions to reduce compassion fatigue and burnout while increasing compassion satisfaction.. Compassion among clinicians has become a priority in the healthcare industry. This is partly related to the fact that clinicians are under tremendous pressure to produce specific patient outcomes. Clinicians are focused on completing tasks and paperwork that may result in difficulty connecting compassionately with the patient Barratt, Most clinicians enter the profession inspired to provide excellent, compassionate care. Once engaged in practice, however, clinicians are faced with the complex emotional demands associated with providing patient care.

The Journal of Individual Psychology

The study of empathy is an ongoing area of major interest for psychologists and neuroscientists in many fields, with new research appearing regularly. Empathy is a broad concept that refers to the cognitive and emotional reactions of an individual to the observed experiences of another. Having empathy increases the likelihood of helping others and showing compassion. Though they may seem similar, there is a clear distinction between empathy and sympathy. A distinction is maintained between self and other.

PDF | The present study examined how support providers' empathic dispositions PLOS ONE | DOI/ February 24, 1/

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While social interactions like verbal support and physical touch have repeatedly been shown to reduce experimental pain, analgesic effects of passive social support, i. Moreover, little is known about individual factors influencing the extent of pain attenuation during social support. This study investigated analgesic effects of passive support by a romantic partner and the role of partner empathy therein. Dispositional empathy was quantified by a questionnaire.

International student mobility has been increasingly subject to turbulences in politics, culture, economics, natural disasters, and public health. The new decade has witnessed an unprecedented disruption to international student flows and welfare as a consequence of the COVID outbreak. This health crisis hitting international education presents a range of challenges for host universities. In such a fallout, the connection between university communities and international students is more critical than ever.

The Journal of Individual Psychology

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