Greatest Common Factor And Least Common Multiple Worksheet Pdf

greatest common factor and least common multiple worksheet pdf

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The Greatest Common Factor also known as GCF is the largest number that divides evenly into each number in a given set of numbers. First, whenever you are asked to find both the greatest common factor and the least common multiple, always choose the prime factorization method , or the listing of prime factors, as it will save you time and is the only method that will work consistently. Remember, when using our prime factorization technique , we choose the fewest common factors for the GCF, and for the LCM, we choose the most of each factor as discussed over on the Math Forum.

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Least Common Multiple and Greatest Common Factor

Here you will find our selection of worksheets involving finding the greatest common factor of 2 or 3 numbers up to On this page we have worksheets for finding the greatest common factor of 2 or 3 numbers up to We also have a link to our Greatest Common Factor Calculator which will quickly and easily find the greatest common factor between 2 or more numbers, and also show you the working out along the way. A factor is a number which divides into another number with no remainder. In other words, you can multiply a factor by a whole number to get to the number it is a factor of. And the Greatest Common Factor between two numbers is the largest number that is a factor of both numbers. And the Greatest Common Factor between lots of numbers, is the largest factor that all the numbers have in common.

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Greatest Common Factor Worksheet

This extensive collection of printable worksheets on LCM is designed and recommended for students of grade 5 through grade 8. The exercises covered in this module include finding common multiples, finding the least common multiple for a set of numbers and much more! Explore some of these handouts for free! List the first ten multiples for the given pair of numbers. Then, identify two common multiples for both numbers.

Basic Arithmetic Skill. ID: 1. Finding the Greatest Common Factor (GCF) and Least Common Multiple (LCM). Find the GCF of each. 1) 8, 36, 2) 30, 20,

Least Common Multiple

Morning Work. Spring Take It Home for the Week. March Homework or Classroom Workbooks. Number Theory Find the greatest common factor of each set of numbers.

Comparing Numbers. Daily Math Review. Division Basic.

You can create free printable worksheets for finding the greatest common factor GFC and least common multiple LCM of up to 6 different numbers.

Least Common Multiple (LCM) Worksheets

They both fall under the umbrella of Factorization. Let us discuss both of these terms individually. The least common multiple of two numbers is the smallest number which is the multiple of both of the numbers mentioned above. LCM can be found out by multiplying one of the two numbers by the prime factors of the second number; that the two numbers do not have two prime factors collectively. So, we multiply 16 by three and the LCM of both numbers becomes Greatest Common Factor GCF - The greatest common factor is defined as the greatest factor, which found within two or more numbers.

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The worksheets can be made in PDF or html formats, and are customizable with lots of options: you can choose the number ranges for the GCF and LCM.

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