R407c Global Warming Potential And Ozone Depletion Pdf

r407c global warming potential and ozone depletion pdf

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Global Warming - Impacts and Future Perspective. The development of vapour compression refrigerating units was strictly related to the characteristics of the working fluid from the beginning of their commercial diffusion.


Because the potential detrimental effects of chlorine-containing refrigerants on the ozone layer, a world body was convened, with several follow-on reviews. As a result these steps have been taken to reduce consumption production plus imports minus exports and implement phaseout. Although these dramatic steps pose serious challenges, the purchasers of commercial air conditioning and refrigeration equipment need not be excessively concerned. In addition to the phaseout, the Clean Air Act Amendments required the Environmental Protection Agency EPA to issue mandatory regulations for the recapture, recycling, and safe disposal of refrigerants. The amended Act also prohibits venting of CFCs. HCFCs or any other alternative refrigerants during service, repair, and disposal. Because they do contribute to ozone depletion although on a very small scale HCFC refrigerants are included in the phaseout timetable.

The Rise of F-Gases as Share in Global Warming Emissions

Today, the share of F-gases fluorinated greenhouse gases in total global warming emissions is already very high, if not only the chlorine-free fluids regulated by the Kioto Protocol are considered. Including present-day emissions of chlorine-containing F-gases, the current global warming potential of F-gas emissions represents not 1. Then the role of chlorine-free F-gas emissions in global greenhouse gas emissions will be still more prominent with shares of from 4. Their global warming potential will outnumber that of nitrous oxide, hitherto being the third largest greenhouse gas. These forecasts of F-gas emissions are based on annual growth rates being different for industrialised and developing countries as of In industrialised countries, a slight decrease of absolute F-gas emissions is likely.

Skip to content. Stratospheric ozone is a naturally-occurring gas that filters the sun's ultraviolet UV radiation. When the ozone layer is diminished, it allows more UV radiation to reach the Earth's surface. This can lead to increased diagnoses of skin cancer, cataracts, and weakened immune systems; it also leads to reduced crop yields, and disruptions to marine life. We are therefore required by this portion of the Clean Air Act to account for any emissions of ozone depleting substances. Refrigerants come in hundreds of different blends, and we use a wide array of them here on campus. Both of these values are measured from 0 to 1.

gas warms the Earth compared to carbon dioxide. GWP values for ozone depleting substances can range, for example, from 2 up to about 14, The. GWPs of.

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A refrigerant is a substance or mixture, usually a fluid , used in a heat pump and refrigeration cycle. In most cycles it undergoes phase transitions from a liquid to a gas and back again. Many working fluids have been used for such purposes.

Explore where HFCs are commonly used and where lower GWP substances and alternative technologies are readily available. Click on the pins to discover where HFCs can be replaced to reduce emissions and overall impact on climate. Developed by the U. Hydrofluorocarbons, or HFCs, are man-made greenhouse gases that are used as replacements to ozone depleting substances ODS in a variety of commonplace applications such as refrigeration and air conditioning.

California Air Resources Board

1. Introduction

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Refrigerants today are often thousands of times more polluting than carbon dioxide CO 2.

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depletion potential and global warming potential of the gases, as well as an easy reference summary of their impact. Refrigerants Environmental Data. Ozone.