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Hermann Minkowski

In different sources Minkowski's nationality is variously given as German, [3] [4] [5] Polish, [6] [7] [8] or Lithuanian-German, [9] or Russian. Minkowski is perhaps best known for his work in relativity , in which he showed in that his former student Albert Einstein 's special theory of relativity could be understood geometrically as a theory of four-dimensional space—time, since known as the " Minkowski spacetime ". He married Auguste Adler in with whom he had two daughters; the electrical engineer and inventor Reinhold Rudenberg was his son-in-law. David Hilbert 's obituary of Minkowski illustrates the deep friendship between the two mathematicians translated :. The main-belt asteroid Minkowski and M-matrices are named in Minkowski's honor. He also became a friend of another renowned mathematician, David Hilbert. His brother, Oskar Minkowski — , was a well-known physician and researcher.

The reader who perseveres will have read one of the most influential papers in the history of physics. The accompanying notes and illustrations should, we hope, make this foundational document of special relativity understandable to anyone with high-school level mathematics. Universal intelligibility was a major goal of the early workers in relativity: Einstein famously not only wrote several popular accounts of his ideas, but even used one such popularisation to introduce a version of his unified field-theory. Minkowski's essay given here -- the work for which he is most remembered outside the world of pure mathematics -- was first given orally to an audience composed of scientists but not primarily of physicists. We hope that this republication of it continues the tradition of making important works of natural philosophy accessible to all. Edward H. Carus [ Monist 28, ] This is the translation quoted here.

As an alternative to a planar Minkowski space-time of two space dimensions and one time dimension, we replace the unit imaginary , with the Clifford bivector for the plane that also squares to minus one, but which can be included without the addition of an extra dimension, as it is an integral part of the real Cartesian plane with the orthonormal basis and. We find that with this model of planar spacetime, using a two-dimensional Clifford multivector, the spacetime metric and the Lorentz transformations follow immediately as properties of the algebra. Based on the mathematical structure of the multivector, we produce a semi-classical model of massive particles, which can then be viewed as the origin of the Minkowski spacetime structure and thus a deeper explanation for relativistic effects. We also find a new perspective on the nature of time, which is now given a precise mathematical definition as the bivector of the plane. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited. Competing interests: The authors have declared that no competing interests exist. It has been well established experimentally that the Lorentz transformations, provide a correct translation of space and time measurements from one inertial frame of reference to another.

Space and Time

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PDF | Hermann Minkowski's spacetime theory scandalized physicists, to received notions of the geometric nature of physical space and time.

Space, Time, and Spacetime

View six larger pictures. Hermann was his parents' third son. The second brother Oskar - was a physician, best known for his work on diabetes, and father of astrophysicist Rudolph Minkowski - Apart from Max and Oskar, Minkowski also had an older sister, Fanny - and a younger brother, Toby - Lewin and Rachel Minkowski were Germans although their son Hermann was born while they were living in Russia.

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Relativity without Spacetime

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The restless Universe

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Relativity without Spacetime


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ISBN: (free ebook – PDF). ISBN: consciously aware that space and time recede completely to be- come mere This volume contains together for the first time Hermann Minkowski's three papers on.

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This volume is dedicated to the one hundredth anniversary of the publication of Hermann Minkowski's paper "Space and Time" in