Smart Materials And Technologies In Architecture Pdf

smart materials and technologies in architecture pdf

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Published: 21.04.2021

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Smart Materials in Architecture, Interior Architecture and Design

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Smart materials for NZEB buildings. Adaptive technological solutions for sustainable projects

Starting by analysing the state of the art, the paper will focus in particular on the subject of smart materials that can be used to create vertical closure systems with advanced screens, capable of improving indoor comfort and energy efficiency of new and existing buildings. Through the analysis of their material, technological and functional characteristics, will be defined the qualitative and performance parameters that influence their use and function on a full-scale. E-mail: rosa. Addington, D. Aelenei, D.

Smart structures and material technologies in architecture applications

The impact of the development of smart materials after the third millennium on the design process in order to produce more responsive architectural buildings adapted to the internal and external environment and the performance and comfort of its users, adding the tremendous potential for the level of architectural facades in contemporary buildings. The problem of research in the lack of clarity of the impact of the use of smart materials in the facades of contemporary buildings, so the importance of it in studying the impact of these materials on the production of contemporary architectural facades. The research aims at preparing a theoretical framework that deals with the definition, types, and importance of smart materials in architecture through studies related to this aspect of the smart materials used. Of the smart materials in the facades of contemporary buildings, it dealt with the analysis of a series of facades of contemporary buildings where smart materials are used, The research found a range of formal, climatic and technological influences. Conference Of Smart Materials.

Smart Materials: The Latest Architecture and News