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cleft palate and craniofacial anomalies kummer pdf

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Relationship between velopharyngeal closure, hypernasality, nasal air emission and nasal rustle in subjects with repaired cleft palate. To investigate the correlation among velopharyngeal closure, hypernasality, audible nasal air emission NAE and nasal rustle NR , in individuals with repaired cleft palate. One hundred patients with repaired cleft palate and lip, submitted to pressure-flow study for measurement of velopharyngeal orifice area velopharyngeal area and speech sample recordings.

Most children with cleft are required to undertake speech therapy after undergoing surgery to repair their craniofacial defect. However, the untrained ear of a parent can lead to incorrect practice resulting in the development of compensatory structures. Even worse, the boring nature of the cleft speech therapy often causes children to abandon home exercises and therapy altogether.

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Kummers Cleft Palate and Craniofacial Anomalies: Effects on Speech and Resonance provides comprehensive coverage of a complex subject in a logical progression of learning in which each chapter builds on information from the previous chapter. This is the only text of its kind that covers both oral and facial anomalies in addition to cleft lip and palate. Designed for students, clinicians new to this population, and any member of a cleft palate team, this book emphasizes what practicing clinicians need to know in the workplace. Current research and best practices are summarized for readers. From basic information on anatomy, physiology, and embryololgy of the face and oral cavity to oral, dental and ENT anomalies and their effects on speech, resonance, and feeding this book includes information on common craniofacial anomalies, associated anomalies, and genetic syndromes.

The need for an interdisciplinary approach in the comprehensive management of individuals with cleft lip and palate is well recognized. This article provides an introduction to communication disorders in individuals with cleft lip and palate for members of cleft care teams. The speech pathologist is involved in identifying those infants who are at risk for communication disorders and also for initiating early intervention to prevent or mitigate communication disorders caused by the cleft. These manifestations are evaluated to identify those that a are developmental, b can be corrected through speech therapy alone, and, c those that may require both surgery and speech therapy. Speech is evaluated perceptually using several types of stimuli. It is important to identify compensatory and obligatory errors in articulation.

Communication disorders in individuals with cleft lip and palate: An overview

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Toggle navigation. ECU Libraries Catalog. Format Electronic and Book Edition Fourth edition. Publication Info [Burlington, Mass. Face -- Abnormalities -- Complications.

Craniofacial Anomalies, and Velopharyngeal Dysfunction;. Guest Editor, Ann W. Kummer, Ph.D., CCC-SLP,. ASHA-F. Semin Speech Lang.

Results from Using Automatic Speech Recognition in Cleft Speech Therapy with Children

AIM: To establish the relationship between the type of cleft according to the Veau classification and the degree of nasal air emission in the speech of patients with cleft using auditory-visual perceptual assessment procedures. The Veau classification was used to classify the cleft severity, while an indirect instrumental examination was conducted with the See-Scape instrument to detect nasal air emission during the speech. There is a positive, statistically significant correlation between the results obtained with the Veau classification of cleft lip and palate, and the degree of nasal air emission.

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