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Type theory is a fast-evolving field at the crossroads of logic, computer science and mathematics. This gentle step-by-step introduction is ideal for graduate students and researchers who need to understand the ins and outs of the mathematical machinery, the role of logical rules therein, the essential contribution of definitions and the decisive nature of well-structured proofs. The authors begin with untyped lambda calculus and proceed to several fundamental type systems, including the well-known and powerful Calculus of Constructions. The book also covers the essence of proof checking and proof development, and the use of dependent type theory to formalise mathematics.

An Introduction to Mathematical Logic and Type Theory: To Truth Through Proof

Homotopy type theory is a new branch of mathematics that combines aspects of several different fields in a surprising way. It is based on a recently discovered connection between homotopy theory and type theory. The present book is intended as a first systematic exposition of the basics of univalent foundations, and a collection of examples of this new style of reasoning — but without requiring the reader to know or learn any formal logic, or to use any computer proof assistant. We have released the book under a permissive Creative Commons licence which allows everyone to participate and improve it. We would love to hear your comments, suggestions, and corrections.

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Type Theory and Formal Proof: An Introduction

In case you are considering to adopt this book for courses with over 50 students, please contact ties. This introduction to mathematical logic starts with propositional calculus and first-order logic. Topics covered include syntax, semantics, soundness, completeness, independence, normal forms, vertical paths through negation normal formulas, compactness, Smullyan's Unifying Principle, natural deduction, cut-elimination, semantic tableaux, Skolemization, Herbrand's Theorem, unification, duality, interpolation, and definability. The last three chapters of the book provide an introduction to type theory higher-order logic. It is shown how various mathematical concepts can be formalized in this very expressive formal language.

Type Theory and Formal Proof

Voevodsky once discovered a severe error in one of his papers that was already published for years which motivated him to learn using the computer proof assistant Coq. A proof assistant is a program which can verify mathematical proofs and also provides assistance in the process of writing the proofs such as showing which parts are still open. The basis of Coq and of many other proof assistants isn't set theory as one might expect, but type theory or more specifically: the calculus of inductive constructions, a version of typed lambda calculus , a theory in which the basic objects are not sets but functions with specific "types" of domains and codomains.

In logic and mathematics , a formal proof or derivation is a finite sequence of sentences called well-formed formulas in the case of a formal language , each of which is an axiom , an assumption, or follows from the preceding sentences in the sequence by a rule of inference. The notion of theorem is not in general effective , therefore there may be no method by which we can always find a proof of a given sentence or determine that none exists. The concepts of Fitch-style proof , sequent calculus and natural deduction are generalizations of the concept of proof. The theorem is a syntactic consequence of all the well-formed formulas preceding it in the proof. For a well-formed formula to qualify as part of a proof, it must be the result of applying a rule of the deductive apparatus of some formal system to the previous well-formed formulas in the proof sequence.

Type theory and formal proof methods are areas of research that have been gaining much attention in the past years. The classical set-centered approach to the foundations of mathematics, in which a function is a particular kind of relation, and thus a static object, is most likely very familiar to whoever is reading this review. In lambda calculus, however, one treats the notion of function much more dynamically. The theory is much more closely related to logic, as well as to the functional programming paradigm in computer science. The book introduces indeed gently both untyped and typed lambda calculi and proceeds to obtain formalisations of various portions of mathematics, notably, of course, a formalisation of numbers and arithmetic.

Formal proof

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Cambridge University Press. - Type Theory and Formal Proof​: An Introduction. Rob Nederpelt and Herman Geuvers. Frontmatter.

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Cambridge Core - Logic, Categories and Sets - Type Theory and Formal Proof. PDF; Export citation Appendix C - Two complete example proofs in λD.



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