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Access options available:. Nietzsche and "An Architecture of Our Minds," vol. Julia Bloomfield, Michael S. ISBN: Alexandre Kostka and Irving Wohlfarth's edited book, Nietzsche and "An Architecture of Our Minds," takes on this challenge with an ambitious sweep of essays, whose connections are labyrinthine rather than linear. The approaches used are principally from aesthetics and art history, and among the questions it seeks to grapple with are: What did Nietzsche know of historical and contemporary architecture? What was the significance of architectural metaphors in his language?

What Nietzsche calls Christianity is, in fact, a twisted form of the Judeo-Christian faith. Of course, there are people who use humility as their trump card, their piety to blackmail others, their meekness to manipulate, and their obedience to secretly dominate. The first half of the book considers the roots of rage in the thought of Nietzsche, Max Scheler, and Rene Girard. Their prosperity and power proved they were good. Their health and wealth confirmed their superiority. But the Jews, according to Nietzsche, upended this simple, obvious form of morality.

Friedrich Nietzsche: Philosophy of History

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Nietzsche, Epistemology, and Philosophy of Science pp Cite as. Thus, over the years, Boscovich and Spinoza became increasingly important to Nietzsche as intellectual forerunners. Unable to display preview. Download preview PDF. Skip to main content. This service is more advanced with JavaScript available.

PDF | On Dec 1, , Matthew Rampley and others published Nietzsche and "​An Architecture of Our Minds" | Find, read and cite all the research you need on.

What Might be a Nietzschean Architecture?

Nietzsche was well-steeped in his contemporary methods and debates in the philosophy of history, which carried over into his philosophy in essential ways. Beyond these, Nietzsche was closely concerned with the manner these traditions are recorded, emphasized or covered over, as accords the subjective dynamic of those who would claim to know and re-present the past. Against the Hegelians, Nietzsche rejects efforts to systemize history within rational frameworks as well as teleological schemes generally. In his later thinking, Nietzsche devises his own genealogical mode of writing about the past in response to evolutionary accounts of the development of morals. Attention will be paid, too, to its reception by thinkers in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

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Written in English. Rather than thinking on egalitarian lines that the same rules apply to all people, Nietzsche argues that there. Nietzsche and "An Architecture of Our Minds," vol.

The Journal of Nietzsche Studies

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Nietzsche and an architecture of our minds


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