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Keywords: Gramsci , hegemony , class , national-popular , international politics.

Later, it could be used to mean "a group or regime which exerts undue influence within a society". In cultural imperialism , the leader state dictates the internal politics and the societal character of the subordinate states that constitute the hegemonic sphere of influence , either by an internal, sponsored government or by an external, installed government.

Theorizing Realist and Gramscian Hegemony

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This study aims to investigate the decline of American hegemony as one of the most prominent crises of the modern world order, from a broader perspective that transcends narrow traditional interpretations. The paper assumes that the September 11 events in have launched the actual decline in American hegemony. The study investigates the decline in American hegemony through a longitudinal within-case analysis which focuses on the causal path of decline in hegemony in the case of the USA, since the events of September 11, , and tries to identify the causal mechanisms behind this decline. Following George and Bennet , the study uses process tracing to examine its research question. Process-tracing method seeks to identify the intervening causal process — causal chain or causal mechanisms or the steps in a causal process — that leads to the outcome of a particular case in a specific historical context Mahoney, ; Bennet and Elman, The study chose this method, as it offers more potential for identifying causal mechanisms and theory testing George and Bennet, ; it opted for a specific procedure, among the variety of process-tracing procedures listed by George and Bennet, which is the detailed narrative presented as a chronicle, accompanied by explicit causal hypotheses. Using this process tracing procedure, the study assumes that American hegemony has witnessed dramatic changes in the aftermath of critical junctures, particularly the events of September 11, , and the financial crises, , which contributed significantly to this decline.

Sign in Create an account. Syntax Advanced Search. Gramsci, hegemony and international relations. Robert W. In Martin James ed. Robert Cox Spring Hill College.

Hegemony: A conceptual and theoretical analysis

I am grateful to Jouke Huijzer, Daniel DeRock and two anonymous reviewers for constructive comments on the manuscript. The liberal international order LIO is in crisis. Numerous publications, debates and events have time and again made it clear that we are in the midst of a grand transformation of world order. While most contributions focus on either what is slowly dying the LIO or what might come next China, multipolarity, chaos? Under the assumption that this period could last years or even decades, a set of analytical tools to understand this interregnum is urgently needed. This article proposes an analytical framework that builds on Gramscian concepts of crisis that will help us understand the current crisis of the LIO in a more systematic way. It addresses a gap in the literature on changing world order by elaborating three Gramsci-inspired crisis characteristics—processuality, organicity and morbidity—that sketch the current crisis landscape in a systematic way.

This paper provides a conceptual and theoretical analysis of the concept of hegemony in the field of International Relations. Although the concept of hegemony is frequently employed in the literature, it is quite apparent that different meanings are attributed to it. This is not necessarily surprising because the field itself is divided into different theoretical perspectives that offer contrasting accounts of key concepts, including hegemony. The main section of the paper examines how different theoretical approaches in the field, such as realism, liberalism, constructivism, as well as neo-Gramscianism and the English School, comprehend the concept of hegemony. Based on a thorough review of the literature, I argue that there is a fundamental division between, on the one hand, hegemony as overwhelming power and, on the other hand, the exercise of some form of leadership. This distinction certainly characterises the different accounts of hegemony provided by realism and liberalism.

Millennium: Journal of International Studies Vol. 12, No, 2. Gramsci, Hegemony and International. Relations: An Essay in Method*. Robert W. Cox. Some time.

Gramsci, Political Economy, and International Relations Theory

Traditionally, Realist hegemony describes the dominance of one state over several others, while Gramscian theory defines hegemony as a combination of coercion and consent which is not merely exercised by the state, but by civil society as well Howson and Smith This essay will focus on the Gramscian concept of hegemony and attempt to dissolve its complexity while relating it to the Realist view. An outline of the key aspects of cultural leadership and the expanded notion of power and the Integral State will explain why both coercion and consent are essential to achieve hegemony.

Understanding the politics of the interregnum: the LIO and Gramsci

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Robert Cox - Gramsci, Hegemony and International Relations

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