Role Of Agroforestry In Climate Change Mitigation And Adaptation Pdf

role of agroforestry in climate change mitigation and adaptation pdf

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Published: 24.04.2021

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The potential of forests and trees to mitigate global warming has long been the main focus of climate change discussions. But forests — and the livelihoods of the 1.

Contribution of agroforestry to climate change mitigation and livelihoods in Western Kenya

Agricultural Landscapes Under Changing Conditions based upon a national scientific assessment of agroforestry Figure 1. With contributions from more than 50 experts from the United States, Canada, and Mexico, this report presents the first-ever synthesis on agroforestry as a mechanism for improving the resiliency of agricultural lands under climate change. Figure 1. Chapters in the assessment include 1 Introduction, 2 Reducing threats and enhancing resiliency, 3 Greenhouse gas mitigation and accounting, 4 Valuation of agroforestry services, 5 Human dimensions of agroforestry systems, 6 Agroforestry resources, 7 Expanding the North American perspective—Canada, 8 Expanding the North American perspective—Mexico, and 9 Challenges and opportunities. Eight regional summaries were also developed to provide perspectives on the status and potential future role of agroforestry in each of the regions.

Agroforestry practices that are most common in North America include riparian forest buffers, windbreaks, silvopasture, alley cropping, and forest farming. Agroforestry can add a high level of diversity within agricultural lands and, with it, an increased capacity for supporting numerous ecological and production services that impart resiliency to climate change CC impacts see figure below Verchot et al. CC risk management is difficult in annual-only systems due to the increasing uncertainty and volatility of interannual variability in rainfall and temperatures. The mixing of woody plants into crop, forage, and livestock operations provides greater resiliency to this interannual variability through crop diversification produced seasonally, as well as through increased resource-use efficiency Olson et al. Agroforestry increases soil porosity, reduces runoff, and increases soil cover, which can improve water infiltration and retention in the soil profile thereby reducing moisture stress in low rainfall years Jose et al. During periods of excessive soil moisture, treebased systems can maintain aerated soil conditions by pumping out excess water more rapidly than other production systems, and when flooding eliminates an herbaceous crop for a season, the woody component can often survive and offer an economic return Dimitriou et al. Agroforestry has the potential to affect numerous production and ecosystem services that will be impacted by climate change.

Role of agroforestry in climate change mitigation

DOI: Climate change itself as a natural process but in recent years it will lead to changes in rainfall pattern, variation in temperature, sea level rises, increasing severity and various extreme weather events. Small landholder farmers Subsistence are unable to cope with such climatic hazards but there is a tremendous scope of expanding agroforestry. Climate change is well buffered, and resilience builds up by Agroforestry. It is the sustainable land use system where integration of woody perennials, crops and livestock on the same unit of land. Improved farm productivity, environmental sustainability, food security, income diversification, specific coping strategies, better standard of living, soil and water conservation etc are major benefit of agroforestry.

AGROFORESTRY AND CLIMATE CHANGE ADAPTATION. AND MITIGATION. Agroforestry, Food Security and Climate Change. Webinar 3.

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It is globally accepted that climate change is presently the greatest threat to the sustainability of human livelihood and biodiversity. Most farmers in the study area are highly aware of climate change and its consequences on the farming system; however, mitigation strategies are clearly lacking. Among the mitigation, mechanism to reduce the threat is achieved by increasing the amount of carbon sinks and reducing greenhouse gas emission through the adoption of agroforestry practices.

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The role of agroforestry in building livelihood resilience to floods and drought in semiarid Kenya

We test the hypothesis that agroforestry improves livelihoods and mitigates climate change in smallholder farming systems simultaneously. Data were collected using household surveys and standard biomass assessment approaches using locally relevant allometric equations.


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Agroforestry not only helps in climate change mitigation but also climate change adaptation. It is an established fact that despite our present effort at climate.

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Agroforestry — a water wise land management system that can serve as a response option for both climate change adaptation and mitigation, while addressing many of the challenges that smallholder farmers are facing.

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Agroforestry not only helps in climate change mitigation but also climate change adaptation. It is an established fact that despite our present.

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