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Distributed security systems that protect networks and network services against unauthorized access are commonly deployed in large enterprises.

Authentication, authorization and accounting (AAA)

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Authentication, authorization and accounting (AAA)

Environmental research infrastructures and data providers are often required to authenticate researchers and manage their access rights to scientific data, sensor instruments or online computing resources. It is widely acknowledged that Authentication, Authorization and Accounting AAA play a crucial role in providing a secure distributed digital environment. This chapter reviews the advanced AAA technology and best practices in the existing pan-European e-Infrastructures. It also discusses the challenging issues of interoperability in federated access and presents state-of-the-art solutions. A challenge that any operational Research Infrastructure RI has to deal with is controlling the access to these services and resources: the identity of the users needs to be verified, and once this is done successfully, the proper rights have to be granted to the users to perform the operations they are supposed to do.

AAA (computer security)

This document provides guidance to designers of Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting AAA key management protocols. The guidance is also useful to designers of systems and solutions that include AAA key management protocols. Given the complexity and difficulty in designing secure, long-lasting key management algorithms and protocols by experts in the field, it is almost certainly inappropriate for IETF working groups without deep expertise in the area to be designing their own key management algorithms and protocols based on Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting AAA protocols. The content area displays items that have been created or shared within a collection. This is the default view when entering a collection.

Using AAA Security for Networking Equipment

Architecture & system design of Authentication, Authorization, & Accounting services

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It is used to refer to a family of protocols that mediate network access. Two network protocols providing this functionality are particularly popular: the RADIUS protocol, [1] and its newer Diameter counterpart. In some cases, the term AAA has been used to refer to protocol-specific information. While the term AAA has been used in such a narrow context, the concept of AAA is more widely used within the industry. As a result, it is incorrect to refer to AAA and Diameter as being one and the same. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification.

The authentication, authorization, and accounting AAA features allows you to verify the identity of, grant access to, and track the actions of users who manage Cisco Nexus device s. Based on the user ID and password that you provide, the switches perform local authentication or authorization using the local database or remote authentication or authorization using one or more AAA servers. A preshared secret key provides security for communication between the switch and AAA servers. AAA security provides the following services:. Authentication—Identifies users, including login and password dialog, challenge and response, messaging support, and, encryption depending on the security protocol that you select.

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Authorization which resources the user is allowed to access and which operations the user is allowed to perform?

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Nokia AAA enables you to consolidate your authentication, authorization and accounting capabilities and harmonize quality of experience QoE across multiple access networks and technologies.



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