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The Ga and Dangbe people are grouped respectively as part of the Ga—Dangme ethnolinguistic group. Under their great leader King Ayi Kushi Cush they were led from the east in several states before reaching their destination in Accra. Oral traditions state the Ga came from the region of Lake Chad and reached their destination in the 16th century. Each town had a stool, which served as the central object of Ga ritual and war magic. Accra became the most prominent Ga-Dangme towns and is now the heartbeat and capital of Ghana. Trading is generally in the hands of women, and a husband has no control over his wife's money. Succession to most offices held by women and inheritance of women's property are by matrilineal descent.

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Every ethnic group in Ghana has a different attitude towards these rites, which are determined by customs, values, morals, and originally based on traditional beliefs. There are several limi-tations in this body of literature to note. The victims of this type of outmoded custom are always women widows. Some of these rites include cruel and degrading treatment. Widowhood rites. Rather, those practices have been regarded as part of the customs and traditions of the people. This is because from time memorial, societies across the globe have been male dominated and still remains so especially in Africa.

UK Email: press risingup. Ghana Email: Smerjapic. This Wednesday 27 February in Accra, Ghanaian Extinction Rebellion activists will hold an event calling for action on the Climate and Ecological Emergency in Afrika, in solidarity with those in the global south and the entire world. The news comes as as Extinction Rebellion establishes an International Solidarity network with the aim of supporting activists on the frontlines of the global climate and ecological crisis. When: 11am — 1pm local time , Wednesday, 27 February

The GaDangme outdooring — kpodziemo ceremony places a new born child within the family and relations. It provides the opportunity for the family to welcome the child into the community. It is held exactly a week after the child is born — it is essentially an 8 day ceremony and can only be held on the day of the week that the child is born and on no other day. You do not outdoor a child born on Tuesday on a Saturday for the sake of convenience. It has to be held on a Tuesday if the child is born on Tuesday or a Sunday if the child is born on a Saturday! It is held at dawn before the sun rises, it is not about presenting a child to the sun it is about the welcoming the child at dawn — the dawn and in days gone by it was the dew that forms into water that is used for the ceremony often collected from the roof. The Ga phrase for an invitation to and outdooring is — a tsebo bo no — you are being called onto the dew.

Traditions and Customs of Gadangmes of Ghana

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Traditions and Customs of Gadangmes of Ghana

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Joseph Nii Abekar Mensah traces the history of. Jewish migration in his landmark book Traditions and Customs of Gadangmes of Ghana: Descendants of.



Emmanuel Charles Quist was born in in Christiansborg, Accra.