Vultures By Chinua Achebe Questions And Answers Pdf

vultures by chinua achebe questions and answers pdf

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Oscar Education. In the same way, the commandant tries to survive by killing innocent people. However, they both have some good in them; the vulture loves the other vulture and the commandant loves his baby. In the first stanza a very dull and lifeless atmosphere is created. They eat disgusting food in order to survive. Stanza three begins with an ellipsis to link the vultures with the commandant of Belsen. After a day of burning human bodies, the unattractive commandant with hairy nostrils still manages to show his love for his baby.

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What is the weather like at the start of the poem? What kind of mood does this set? What impression do the words and images used make? What was Belsen Camp? Why is it mentioned in the poem?

Vultures Chinua Achebe.

Vultures is a poem by Nigerian poet Chinua Achebe. It is a dark, sombre piece that focuses on the concentration camp Belsen and a Commandant that works there. The vultures are described in such a disparaging and grim fashion that could be construed as a metaphor for the people responsible for the atrocities in Belsen and in particular the Commandant. The third stanza, the scene with his child, represents a far smaller portion of the poem and this, I think, is a metaphor for his spark of humanity. The form of this poem is very clever as it creates a grim image, creates a glimmer of hope in the second and third Stanza, and then ends on a dour note emphasizing the futility of the situation.

Vultures poem questions and answers pdf Vultures poem questions and answers pdf. Questions: 1. Identify the two similes used in stanza 1.

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