Report On Palm Oil And Deforestation Of Rainforests Pdf

report on palm oil and deforestation of rainforests pdf

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Published: 20.04.2021

Read full article PDF. A landmark review has called for transformational change in our economic approach to nature.

The European Parliament ,. General considerations. Recalls that sustainable agriculture, food security and sustainable forest management are core objectives of the SDGs;.

It is locally used as cooking oil, exported for use in much commercial food and personal care products and is converted into biofuel. It produces up to 10 times more oil per unit area than soybeans , rapeseed or sunflowers. An estimated 1.

PepsiCo’s profit-first palm oil policy is still destroying rainforests

Many people also depend directly on these forests, especially indigenous people and local communities. Margono, et. Between , deforestation in Indonesia reached 1,, ha. The natural forest and peat lands in Indonesia have been replaced by other land uses, mostly for industrial plantations, such as oil palm and pulpwood. The plantation sectors such as oil palm and pulpwood are the largest driver of deforestation in Indonesia.

Palm Oil Fact Sheet

These are the core obsessions that drive our newsroom—defining topics of seismic importance to the global economy. Our emails are made to shine in your inbox, with something fresh every morning, afternoon, and weekend. The smoke wafting from fires in the tropical forests of Indonesia—forming plumes big enough to blot out the sky in Malaysia and Singapore —is a reminder of a global supply chain run amok. Palm oil is found in a huge number of products lining the shelves of grocery stores: everything from infant formula to chips to shampoo and toothpaste. And much of the global supply comes from Indonesia, the largest palm oil producer in the world. Much like the Amazon rainforest, they also store vast amounts of carbon in their soils and trees. When forests are cleared to create palm oil plantations, that stored carbon is released into the atmosphere, contributing to climate change.

According to a report published in by the United Nations Environment Program. (UNEP), palm oil plantations are currently the leading cause of rainforest.

Social and environmental impact of palm oil

Tell PepsiCo it's time to cut ties with companies destroying our rainforests and exploiting their workers for cheap palm oil. While PepsiCo makes profits cutting corners in its palm oil policy, people and the planet are paying a steep price. Field investigations and satellite analysis show that palm oil companies tied to the Salim Group have continued to destroy carbon-rich peat forests in Borneo for five years straight.

Carbon costs and benefits of Indonesian rainforest conversion to plantations

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But palm oil companies continue to clear it, claims NGO. This was the second time in six months that the company had been accused by RAN of clearing rainforests in one of the most biodiverse regions on the planet. RAN says its latest evidence from satellite imagery and field reports shows ABN cleared 18 hectares of forest in June and razed another 12 hectares in July, seemingly ignoring concerns from campaigners, government and businesses further down the supply chain. Multinational organisations and household brands have been accused of complicity in this destruction through a convoluted supply chain. But RAN remains concerned about levels of business engagement.

Palm oil is a globally traded agricultural commodity that is used in 50 percent of all consumer goods, from lipstick and packaged food to body lotion and biofuels. They provide critical habitat to species including highly endangered Sumatran tigers, Sumatran elephants and orangutans. The Indonesian government has announced plans to convert approximately 18 million more hectares of rainforests, an area the size of Missouri, into palm oil plantations by

This report describes palm oil's chief environmental and health impacts and encourages and The State of the Forest: Indonesia covers deforestation and a broad spectrum​. 3.

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I. whereas the absence of accurate palm oil concession maps and public land Y. whereas the deforestation of rainforests is destroying the natural habitats of , European Commission,

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DRAFT REPORT. Palm oil and deforestation of rainforests. (/(INI)). Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety.



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