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1.1 Functions Inverse Functions Questions - The Answer

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In mathematics , an inverse function or anti-function [1] is a function that "reverses" another function: if the function f applied to an input x gives a result of y , then applying its inverse function g to y gives the result x , i. Thinking of this as a step-by-step procedure namely, take a number x , multiply it by 5, then subtract 7 from the result , to reverse this and get x back from some output value, say y , we would undo each step in reverse order. In this case, it means to add 7 to y , and then divide the result by 5. In functional notation , this inverse function would be given by,. Not all functions have inverse functions. Let f be a function whose domain is the set X , and whose codomain is the set Y.

Practice - Inverse Functions. State if the given functions are inverses. 1) g(x​)= − x5. − 3 f(x)= −x −3 Answers - Inverse Functions. 1) Yes. 2) No. 3) Yes.

Evaluate inverse functions

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Square Quick …. This quiz is incomplete! Taking too long? This website and its content is subject to our Terms and Give the domain and range of fand the inverse function f 1.

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Questions and answers. Work through the Grade 11 Functions downloads first to ensure your foundation is solid before attempting Inverse Functions. We wish you the best of luck for your exams.

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Read values of an inverse function from a graph or a table, given that the function has an inverse. Find an inverse function algebraically. Verify by composition that one function is an inverse of another.


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An inverse function is a function that will “undo” anything that the original function does. For example, we all have a way of tying our shoes, and how we tie our.