Difference Between Cotter Joint And Knuckle Joint Pdf Table

difference between cotter joint and knuckle joint pdf table

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The cotter is inserted at right angles to the axes of the two rods. A joint formed by using a cotter is called a cotter joint.

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Nndesign of socket and spigot cotter joint pdf of two cities

In manufacturing industries, joining of two or more components is indispensably necessary for assembly purposes. Joining makes the production system more reliable, efficient and profitable. In fact, joining can be defined as one of the manufacturing processes by which two or more solid components can be assembled together with or without the application of external elements such as filler, strap, heat, pressure, etc.

There exist various joining techniques in order to assemble a larger variety of materials in innumerable ways. Some of these methods can join components permanently, while others can join temporarily. Accordingly, joining can be classified into two groups— temporary and permanent.

A permanent joint does not allow dismantling of joined parts without breaking them. As the name suggests, these joints are permanent in nature and usually offer a sound and leak-proof joining. Welding is the fast and foremost example for this category.

Apart from welding, rivet joint, soldering, brazing, many adhesive bonding, etc. A temporary joint allows disassembly of assembled structures without rupturing the components. Easy disassembly makes inspection and maintenance very easy. However, strength of the temporary joints may not be as high as in a permanent joint. Various differences between temporary joints and permanent joints are given below in table form. Skip to content. Differences between temporary joint and permanent joint Temporary Joint Permanent Joint Temporary joints allow easy dismantling of assembled components without breaking them.

Temporary joints are not necessarily leak-proof. Permanent joints are usually leak-proof. Strength of temporary joint is comparatively less. Strength of permanent joint is high. Usually joint strength is same with that of the components.

It facilitates fast, easy and cost efficient inspection. No destructive testing is required for inspection of joints. As permanent joints cannot be disassembled easily, so inspection is difficult and costly. Often destructive testing is carried out, which damages the assembled structures. Repair and replacement are also easy. Repair and replacement are difficult and costly.

Temporary joints are suitable where frequent separation of assembled components is required. Permanent joints are suitable for such applications where separation is usually not desired in the service life. Examples of various temporary joints: Fasteners Press fit Cotter joints Knuckle joints, etc.

Examples of various permanent joints: Welding Brazing and soldering Riveting Adhesive joining mostly Coupling, etc. References Introduction to Machine Design by V. A Textbook of Machine Design by R. Khurmi and J. Gupta S. Theory of Machines by R. Cite this article as. Difference Between Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Welding. Temporary joints allow easy dismantling of assembled components without breaking them.

Differentiate between Knuckle joint and Cotter joint................

Application instructions note that before mixing the resin and hardener that the resin. The two documents are bound together solely for the users convenience. Cotter joint a cotter joint is used to connect rigidly two coaxial rods or bars which are subjected to axial tensile or compressive forces. Spigot is formed on one of the rods and socket is formed on the other. Muttagi, slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Nonseparated occupancys most restrictive discussion in commercial building codes started by pilgrim, aug 18,

Study & Analysis of Knuckle Joint with the Replacement of Material by Using Teflon

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Cotter joint is used to connect two rods subjected to axial tensile or compressive loads. It is not suitable to connect rotating shafts which transmit torque. Axes of the rods to be joined should be collinear. There is no relative angular movement between rods.

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Knuckle jointTwo or more rods subjected to tensile and compressive forces are fastened together Their axes are not in alignments but meet in a point. Cotter joints A cotter joints is a flat wedge link piece of steel of rectangular cross section which is inserted through the rods at high angle to their axes. It is uniform in thickness but tapering in width , generally on one side only. Usually the taper is 1 in This joint in not suitable where the member are subjected under rotation.

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Knuckle Joint & Cotter Joint

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