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Welcome to Primeval, a mythical village that exists, if it exists, somewhere in Poland at the very heart of the universe. Watched over by a somewhat irresolute God and His angels, the people of Primeval and the surrounding communities live out lives filled with love and loss, joy and pain, birth and death. In her unusual and affecting novel Primeval and Other Times , Polish writer Olga Tokarczuk introduces a world endowed with a cosmology that skews conventional Christian wisdom, placing God on the sidelines of His creation.

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Ode to the soul of the world: Primeval and Other Times by Olga Tokarczuk

This book, or parts thereof, may not be used or reproduced in any form, except in the context of reviews, without written permission from the publisher. Primeval is the place at the centre of the universe. To walk at a brisk pace across Primeval from north to south would take an hour, and the same from east to west. And if some- one wanted to go right round Primeval, at a slow pace, taking a careful, considered look at everything, it would take him a whole day, from morning to evening. The Archangel Raphael protects this border.

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Primeval and Other Times

The fact that this rarest of delegations, bound from Warsaw to Smolensk on a Polish air force-flown Tupolev Tu, was flying to commemorate what has come to be known as the Katyn Massacre—the murder of more than 20, Polish officers by Soviet secret police in —compounded the almost unimaginable loss, shrouding the tragedy in a terrible symbolism. I turned on the TV Sunday afternoon, and the more the night drew on, the more I heard words like nation, victim, mystical coincidence, sign, accursed place, true patriotism, Katyn, truth. Intellect gives way to the gloom of the collective psyche. The horrified mind tries to find meaning, but lets itself be seduced by old myths. The sorrow that [is] present in every single thing, in every phenomenon. Yet we try, over and over again, through narrative, through religion, to give order to the universe. It is this human desire that Tokarczuk hones in on in Primeval and Other Times , the story of three generations of a small Polish village called Primeval, from to the beginnings of Solidarity in

It is Tokarczuk's third novel and was highly successful. It is set in the fictitious village of Prawiek Primeval at the very heart of Poland, which is populated by some eccentric, archetypical characters. The novel chronicles the lives of Prawiek's inhabitants over a period of eight decades, beginning in The novel is divided into 60 short vignettes, each focusing on different fictional characters in different periods of time. According to Tokarczuk, this fragmentary form of storytelling, which she further explored in Dom dzienny, dom nocny " House of Day, House of Night ", , is representative of the novel's perception of reality.

Yet Primeval and Other Times is a novel of universal dimension that does not dwell on the parochial and it established eventual Nobel Laureate Tokarczuk as one of the leading Polish and European writers. Awarded the Koscielski Foundation Prize in , Primeval has been translated into many languages and hailed as a contemporary classic of world literature. Tokarczuk has said of the novel: "I always wanted to write a book such as this. One that creates and describes a world. It is the story of a world that, like all things living, is born, develops, and then dies.

Primeval and Other Times

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Primeval and Other Times

Primeval and Other Times [excerpt]

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