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participatory rural appraisal principles methods and application pdf

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Jump to navigation. PRA is an assessment and learning process that empowers farmers to create the information base they need for participatory planning and action. Outsiders contribute facilitation skills and external information and opinions. Many different tools have been developed for use in PRA.

Participatory rural appraisal

Search Titles Subjects Organizations. Rapid but relaxed and participatory rural appraisal: Towards applications in health and nutrition introductory text For researchers involved in or following the developments of Rapid Rural Appraisal RRA this paper, by its strongest proponent, provided an outline of its major characteristics and an update on both standard and emerging techniques. As implied by the title, and surely by the author's recently completed assignment in India, there is a growing movement by some to enhance even further the participatory nature of RRA, even at the expense of its stress on timeliness. By mid, the momentum of evolving what had begun as "Rapid Rural Appraisal" toward "Participatory Rural Appraisal" had become even stronger and new methods continued to evolve. They originated in growing awareness both of the distorted views gained from rural development tourism the brief rural visit by the urban-based professional [3], and of the limitations of many large-scale and long-drawn-out questionnaire surveys.

Participatory rural appraisal PRA is an approach used by non-governmental organizations NGOs and other agencies involved in international development. The approach aims to incorporate the knowledge and opinions of rural people in the planning and management of development projects and programmes. The philosophical roots of participatory rural appraisal techniques can be traced to activist adult education methods such as those of Paulo Freire and the study clubs of the Antigonish Movement. Robert Chambers , a key exponent of PRA, argued that the approach owes much to "the Freirian theme, that poor and exploited people can and should be enabled to analyze their own reality. By the early s, there was growing dissatisfaction among development experts with both the reductionism of formal surveys, and the biases of typical field visits. In , Robert Chambers, a Fellow at the Institute of Development Studies UK , used the term rapid rural appraisal RRA to describe techniques that could bring about a "reversal of learning", to learn from rural people directly. Robert Chambers acknowledged that the significant breakthroughs and innovations that informed the methodology came from community development practitioners in Africa, India and elsewhere.

Participatory Rural Appraisal: Principles, Methods and Application

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Participatory Rural Appraisal

The book vividly describes the methods of PRA, highlighting the essential features as well as the application, merits and limitations of each method. Participatory Rural Appraisal: Principles, Methods and Application outlines the application of PRA methodology in areas like participatory poverty assessment, sustainable livelihood analysis, assessment of hunger, vulnerability analysis, organizational analysis, monitoring and evaluation. Separate sections on SWOT analysis and on the method of interview and dialogue are also included in the book.

Participatory rural appraisal

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Participatory Rural Appraisal: Principles, Methods and Application

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